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Welcome to Out of Bounds

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A growing golf shop

A warm welcome to Out of Bounds! We have been a growing golf company since 2007 and continue to be many golfers supplier of golf balls, tees and other golf equipment. Out of Bounds offers you fast, reliable delivery, low prices and a large selection of used golf balls. We are driven to value the importance of our relationships with YOU, our customers and golfers!

Buy your golf balls online!

At our golf shop you will find a large selection of used golf balls! One of our strengths is the wide range. It is very simple to pick and choose among brands like Titleist, Callaway and Nike and many more. In the golf shop, we give you freedom to choose price, depending on the grade you buy. If you choose golf balls in grade A, they are as good as new and have been used by a golf club only once or twice! If you need really cheap golf balls, we sell exercise balls, which are sorted and are in the practice condition and mainly used for practice purposes. We also sell balls in which grades are in between. Grade B is our most popular ball. We try to sort the balls so that they are very similar to the grade A ball but with some small flaws. We also carry Grade C balls, which are our budget ball and also are very popular buy.

An eco-friendly golf shop!

Out of Bounds has taken the recycling of golf balls to a new level. With the help of golf clubs in Sweden, our ball divers help protect the environment stay clean! In addition to the manufacture of golf balls that affect the environment, there is also "storage" in the golf ponds that stress the nature and wildlife around them. Therefore, buying eco-friendly golf balls makes a long-term and mutual benefit for us, you and the environment!

Which golf ball is right for you?

Most golfers who are at average with their game buy expensive tour balls like Pro V1 and TaylorMade Penta. The question is whether you really will be able to take full advantage of these balls to make it affordable? There is no guarantee that you play better with expensive golf balls. Therefore, when the balls are slightly cheaper, such as NXT Tour, they can be more affordable for average golf players


Out of Bounds is driven by four ambitious experts. However, we are too timid to call ourselves that. Nevertheless, it is often the broad expertise that describes us best. With the help of valuable contacts and combined experience in many areas, we combined a company that really has a bright future. Feel free to contact any of us.

info @ out-of-bounds.com
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Mika Matkaniemi (CEO / Sales Manager)

Henrik Josefsson (Purchasing / Logistics)

Johannes Bergenwall (Accounting / Finance)

Alexander Edsmyr (Web Strategies)